What is CBD?

what is cbd?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis plants that reportedly has the potential to treat everything from anxiety to certain forms of epilepsy.

Why CBD?

With so many CBD goods on the market, it can be an overwhelming task to research the many varieties CBD extracts come in. However, finding CBD in the preferred method isn’t difficult because there are a plethora of options to choose from. People are turning to CBD because it is an all-natural, pharmaceutical alternative.  The most common reasons to start a CBD regimen include: reduction in inflammation and chronic pain, help with mood enhancement, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and to help in the form of a sleep aid. Whether a person takes CBD for medicinal or recreational purposes, the possibilities are vast:

What CBD Products are Available?

The amount of CBD products on the market keeps growing. With new products hitting the market, there is something available in nearly every form.  Though this is not an inclusive list, these are some of the most popular forms:

  • Sublingual oils, also known as tinctures, are taken by placing the liquid dose under the tongue, holding it there for a specified amount of time, and swallowing the remaining oil which wasn’t absorbed.  This was one of the earliest forms developed in which cannabis has been used within the human body, dating back several thousands of years ago. Many companies also offer oil in the form of capsules and gel capsules.
  • Edible products – these come in several forms such as: gummies, chocolates, coffees and teas, drink infusions and energy drinks, lozenges, candies, mints, etc. They are convenient for on-the-go, exact dosing, children, and to help supplement alongside another form.  CBD in one form can be taken in conjunction with another form of CBD without the worry of overdosing.
  • Topical products – there are many cannabis-infused topicals.  From lotions to salves, roll-ons to lip balms, soaps, sprays, and lubricants.  These can provide pain relief and help with eczema, psoriasis, chapped/dry skin, bug bites, and blemishes.

How to Figure Out the Dosage

People commonly believe that taking “one dropper in the morning and one dropper at night” is the standard dose for CBD.  However, this isn’t the case, and here’s why: people are different! The effectiveness of CBD is determined by a person’s height/weight, diet, level of activity, biochemistry, the rate at which they metabolize substances, their pain level, etc.

So, determining the right dose is a little tricky and one of the downfalls people experience which in turn keep them from continuing on CBD. There is no set dose to follow, meaning that people can have a difficult time knowing what dose they should be at.  A “typical daily dose” of CBD is 25-30mg. However, this is generally for health and wellness. If someone comes in with more severe pain or anxiety, you can certainly suggest upping the dose, which is totally acceptable. It’s an all-natural product and you don’t have to be concerned with overdosing.  A good rule of thumb is: If you are sleepy when you don’t want to be, bring your dose down. If you want more effectiveness from CBD, bring the dose up.

Browse Our Selection

Herb Rx has a wide range of CBD products in store and online.  Not only will you find the many different kinds of products we carry, you will also find a wide range of milligram dosing, meaning, you can find the right strength and CBD delivery method for you.  Feel free to contact us or stop in to one of our locations and we’d be happy to go over all products and conduct a free consultation to fit you with the best CBD regimen to fit your needs.

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