Red, White, and Green: Fourth of July Activities with Hemp

Make This Fourth Of July Hemp Friendly!

Summer is here and that means the Fourth of July is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate America’s Independence than adding some Cannabidiol Hemp to the mix of America’s celebrations?

Did You Know?

The First President of the United States, George Washington, cultivated and grew the hemp plant! He once said, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, . . . and sow it everywhere!” 

Even our First President loved hemp and with it’s many uses, ranging from fabric, to thread, to strengthening fibers for rope, it’s makes sense that he enjoyed farming the hemp plant!

If the first president was still around we think George Washington would declare his love for our CBD tinctures, and since he could never tell a lie, you’d know he was being sincere!

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, looking back at our past and our first president can give us a glimpse into the future of CBD and hemp products!

With that being said…let’s celebrate our Forefather’s who built the United States of America by gathering with friends and family – hemp style!

1. Hemp Infused Barbecue

Everyone loves a good Fourth of July barbecue! Add a little something special this year by incorporating CBD within your cooking! A great way to incorporate CBD into your food is with our PLANT PEOPLE Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, great for marinating your favorite barbecue meats!

You can’t forget the delicious desserts either! With our CBD Isolate, you can easily incorporate CBD into all of your celebratory desserts, like brownies, cakes, and many other sweets!

2. Hemp Infused Drinks

Enjoy nice and refreshing CBD infused drinks! Stay hydrated while also getting your daily dose of CBD for a calm and relaxing day of festivities! Hemp infused drinks are a match made in heaven like this CBD water or CBD infused energy drinks, like Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks (available at Herb Rx Sauk City). Hemp infused drinks are the best way to remain hydrated, get a boost of energy, and have a fun time while celebrating our independence!

3. Firework Show

What’s the Fourth of July without amazing and “boom-tastic” fireworks? Find out where the nearest firework show is and enjoy the colorful display of lights! If the loud noises of the firework show creates anxiety for you, enjoy some hemp flower for instant relief and watch the rest of the show in absolute calm and bliss!

If you want to take your furry friend to the show as well, CBD Pet treats are a great way for your pets to remain calm and happy during the loud booms!

4. Pool Party

Chill out in the July heat by having a pool party or lake/river day! Cool down and become relaxed by taking some CBD edibles, like gummies, before hand or during! This way you can have a relaxing day in the sun and get a nice tan!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to help with premature aging! CBD Face Creams, like CBD for Life Face Cream can also help with the effects that the sun has on exposed skin!

5. Check Out Hemp Fourth of July Sales

Lastly, support local and our small business by checking out our holiday sales in all the Herb Rx store locations (Sauk City, Spring Green, and Richland Center), as well as, online! Cannabidiol should be an essential part of your holiday plans and by scoring a good deal you’ll be able to save some money too!

Make this Fourth of July the best yet with these fun activities using CBD!

We Want To Know!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the Fourth of July with CBD?

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