Biospec IP-Ease 14 oz. powder


Increased Intestinal Permeability, or ‘Leaky Gut’ Syndrome is a relatively unknown condition identified and understood largely within the Integrative and Alternative healthcare communities. Leaky Gut Syndromes are typically provoked by exposure to substances which damage the desmosomes and other adhesion molecules binding epithelial cells that line the intestinal walls and prevent large undigested food molecules from reaching the blood stream. The inflammatory and immunological response stimulated by this condition has been linked to a variety of auto-immune disorders and degenerative diseases. Biospec’s new formula, IP-Ease, includes a combination of specific ingredients designed to support the G.I. Tract and heal the intestinal membrane.*

  • Provides a clinically significant dose of L-Glutamine, utilized by the gastrointestinal cell lining for energy

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